The Historical Processions Foundation of Mendrisio has been following for some years the important project of restoration of Ancona dell'Addolorata, an imposing false altar, realized in 1794 by Giovanni Battista Bagutti of Rovio for the pictorial part, and by Giovanni Battista Brenni of Salorino, for the architectural part. The Ancona depicts, in perspective, a chapel decorated with angels and cherubs, with a niche in the middle, in which the Madonna Addolorata is exhibited during the Septenary and Holy Week.

This very scenographic scaffolding, artfully designed to be placed on the high altar of the church of San Giovanni in Mendrisio, was used until 1994, when the church underwent major restoration work. Ancona dell'Addolorata in Mendrisio is one of the few churches saved from destruction during the years of the secularisation of the convents in Switzerland, where many works of this type were burned.

It is therefore extremely important to restore this important Ancona, both to recover a key element in the cultural heritage of the transparent, and to give back to the church of San Giovanni that scenic structure that makes it absolutely unique in the Easter period.