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Processions of the Holy Week of Mendrisio


Edition 2020: 9 and 10 April


The Processions of the Holy Week of Mendrisio

Fascinating mixture of popular religiosity, mysticism, theatricality and art, the citizens of Mendrisio of all ages participate as participants in the event.

A deeply rooted tradition that may perhaps seem anachronistic.

But it is precisely the observance of a ritual handed down by the fathers to revive, punctually every year, the unique spirit that you breathe through the ancient streets of the village,

during the processions and on the days before them.

An unmissable and unique event, where history becomes a spectacle in the perpetuation of tradition.

The candidacy of the Processions of Holy Week has been officially filed with UNESCO in Paris for registration

to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

This is Switzerland's fourth largest candidature.

UNESCO is due to decide on the writing of this living tradition in November 2019.

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